Bike park

Bicycle secure parking for those who want to leave their bicycles in a safe and convenient place, next to the Bus Station and Bologna Central Railway Station.

We offer fares and subscriptions suitable for every possible user: students,
sportspeople and whoever just wants to enjoy the city centre.

Bike park pricing 2019

24h2,00 € 
30 days30,00 € 
90 days85,00 € 
6 months160,00 € 
365 days270,00 € 
10 non continuous days16,00 € 



2,00 €

30 days


30,00 €

90 days


85,00 €

6 months


160,00 €

365 days


270,00 €

10 non continous days

16,00 €

Repair shop for bicycle tourists

Those traveling by bike know how much maintenance is important. Fully inflated tires, clean and oiled chain, well tightened brackets to explore the countryside or Bologna’s hills.

A fully equipped repair shop, qualified mechanics for any kind of fixing and spare parts selected by experienced bicycle tourists.

A fast service for last minute repairs and a space for self-service maintenance.