Bologna Like a Local

Community and farmers markets which made Bologna a welcoming, multicultural and creative city


Cheese, fruit, vegetable, artisanal works, books, design and antiques; farms, artisans and passionate merchants. Bologna’s markets have always been the spitting image of the conviviality which you can feel in the streets and squares of the neighborhoods and mark the evolution of the city along with theirs.

In the peripheral neighborhoods, community markets with their small covered squares are places where local go shopping and where you happily stay for a small chat, while tasting what you bought and maybe opening a bottle of wine. Often you arrive by bike, placing the groceries in the basket or the side bags.

In the markets there is no rush. A perfect time to be lived by bike.


siamo Temporaneamente chiusə

La sede temporanea della Velostazione in via Indipendenza 71/L e il nuovo Dynamo Point in via Petroni vanno incontro ad uno stop prolungato.
Presto vi aggiorneremo sul futuro del progetto. Buone pedalate!