Bologna Like a Local​

The green corridor which crosses the city up to the incredible Talòn Park


How nice it is to bike across the city center without ever getting off the bike lanes and immersed in the green! A double face of the ancient and working city, leaning against the hills, with flourishing Liberty villas, secret gardens and bike routes along canals.

Over the last two centuries, the medieval Bologna of commerce and waterways transformed into a modern European city, with large roads and a mosaic of green areas embellished with big monumental structures, such as the Pincio Stairs or the Certosa Cemetery, which inspired some of the greatest writers of European romanticism.

The ending of the route is at Talòn Park, a protected naturalistic area rich in history and biodiversity with hundred of arboreal species. The park offers together with a restoring break also the sight of the “Chiusa del Canale” (water gate), one of the oldest functioning hydraulic infrastructures in the world, declared by UNESCO “Heritage of a culture of peace”.


siamo Temporaneamente chiusə

La sede temporanea della Velostazione in via Indipendenza 71/L e il nuovo Dynamo Point in via Petroni vanno incontro ad uno stop prolungato.
Presto vi aggiorneremo sul futuro del progetto. Buone pedalate!