Spaghetti bolognese do not exist

Bologna Like a Local​

Tour of the most traditional Bologna, between excellent products and millenary recipes


The tradition of the Bolognese sauce has traveled through the entire world, and has come back home along with many urban legends: is it true that the iconic Tortellino has been inspired by a woman’s navel? Does the Mortadella have pistachios? Is it true that the Spaghetti alla Bolognese do not actually exist? Do they come with or without meatballs?
Following an unconventional path through the city, you will smell the fragrance, touch the raw materials, visit the modern and ancient markets, the locations of a millenary tradition.


siamo Temporaneamente chiusə

La sede temporanea della Velostazione in via Indipendenza 71/L e il nuovo Dynamo Point in via Petroni vanno incontro ad uno stop prolungato.
Presto vi aggiorneremo sul futuro del progetto. Buone pedalate!